Terke, A place for those who left and who were left behind


There are more than a hundred thousand village in Turkey. Indeed, there are also lots of problems to be highlighted and thus, draw the attention of the government authorities considering these villages. The first post of eyagli.com/en is about a village, a setting created which involves who left and who are left behind.

It was August 2012, I have been in Terke village in Araç, Kastamonu with one of my friends who works as a primary care physician. There, I think, I made some comparisons between Terke and the other villages that I have been in. Although it is a comparison, I can say that I have noted some sharp similarities.

The people of Terke village fairly know who and where they are. However, it is only them who know that, not any outsider does. Thus, they are capable of following their shadows, as has been in the other villages of Turkey. There are an entity called as “government,” which has the big shadow, and they find a suitable shadow for them just under it. Sometimes, they come closer to that bigger shadow, with full of expectation, expectations from the government.

It has been said that there is a famous signboard on the roads which is strongly credited for Kastamonu region: “Stones may fall, bears may show up.” Similarly, there are lots of signboards standing for the warning: “There may be cows on the road.” Anyway, we were three. It was the cottons falling and flying around us when I put my first step on the ground. My friend Anıl, who is doctor in charge of that village considering the health issues, introduced my friend and me as journalists since we had our cameras with us. And that was the reason what was going to happen around us in Terke. Just remember the big shadow and the small one. Also, just think what is going to be a journalist who visit a village whose residents have been trying to reach the government (sure the big shadow). Government which is able to reopen the health care center which was closed 15 years ago, government which is able to bring solutions to the problems of the farmers. A government which has the fertilizer reserves and “governs” it.

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